• Consultation meeting:

Consultation at our office and or at your home for additions to discern the clients wants and needs. Review design styles, distinguish form and function, discuss building constraints such as building envelope, setbacks and desired views.

  • Preliminary Concepts:

Create concept floor plans to establish the scale, shape and overall structure of the project.

  • Revisions and Re-draft:

Respond to initial preliminary concepts and begin to change and revise the floor plans. During this phase we will have regular meetings both formal and informal to ensure the project is being developed according to the clients requirements.

  • Complete drawings for permit submission:

This phase is dedicated to finalizing all plans and making them permit ready. Notes and details are developed and completed to have them ready for permit submission.

  • Municipal Approvals:

Submit all documents to the building and or planning departments.

  • Construction Review:

Visit the site to meet with general contractor and client to review different phases of the project if required.

If you have a question regarding any of our services, please take a moment and contact us; we look forward to hearing from you.