• 1.16-8.3-2.3-5.1 - 146 Delhi Ave
  • 1.16-8.3-2.3-1.1 - 146 Delhi Ave
  • 1.16-8.3-2.3-3.1 - 146 Delhi Ave
  • 1.16-8.3-2.3-2.1 - 146 Delhi Ave
  • 1.16-8.3-2.3-4.1 - 146 Delhi Ave

Delhi Ave. – Renderings

Another renovation and addition project where the front and rear façades are to be renovated, re-clad and modernized through the use of high end materials, continuous canopies and new window openings. The interiors are also re-planned according to the client’s contemporary needs and preferences. Few renderings of the proposed design were done at different viewing […]

  • 7 Freeman Rd. - Exerior 2
  • 7 Freeman Rd. - Exerior 1

Freeman Rd. – Renderings

This proposed house is to be built on an existing single storey brick masonry bungalow. New rooms are added through the east and west additions and new second floor on top. The house features modern style with continuous lines for windows, canopies and materials. We rendered the house looking from a lower angle at what […]

Ogden Cres. Residence

Extended canopies, large windows, contrasting materials, and colors compose this two-story modern styled house. The exterior material pallet includes clad stone, wood garage doors, dark and bright stucco colors, glass railings and large window glazing. Wall surfaces and canopies are protruding at different levels to create a modern composition. The site is large and opens […]

Hampton Cres. Residence

This was a very challenging but overall rewarding project involving three storey modern house designed on a street corner lot. The lot size was very shallow and the width was narrow, thus a third floor was planned to provide maximum living space. The third floor and its accompanying atrium space provide great views and natural […]

Toronto Life – 332 Deloraine Ave.

  One of our projects has been featured on Toronto Life website’s Real Estate section. Check it out here…