• 2205 Harcour Cres Mississauga - Rendering 1 (2)
  • 2205 Harcour Cres Mississauga - Rendering 2 (2)
  • 2205 Harcour Cres Mississauga - Rendering 3 (2)
  • 2205 Harcour Cres Mississauga - Rendering 4 (2)

Harcourt Cres. Residence – Renderings

This two storey modern house features contrasting materials ranging from brick, stucco to composite panels and stained glazing in the garage to showcase the cars inside. The function and size of each room define the form of it on the exterior.

The house is split with a central stairs which is surrounded by a feature wall and glass partition. The ground floor includes interconnected library, family room, kitchen and dining room which opens into an exterior two level concrete patio. The kitchen is also accessed through the garage and mudroom. The basement has large storage areas, recreation room and a gym. The second floor has three bedrooms with separate bathrooms and built in closet cabinetry, and a master bedroom with master 5 piece bathroom and walk-in closet. Each bedroom features a corner ribbon windows.

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