43 Ogden Cres.

Extended canopies, large windows, contrasting materials and colours compose this two storey modern styled house. The exterior material pallet includes clad stone, wood garage doors, dark and bright stucco colours, glass railings and large window glazing. Wall surfaces and canopies are protruding at different levels to create a modern composition. The site is large and opens into great views of surrounding landscape, thus large windows were designed to maximize the views and daylight for the living areas. The site also offers large rear yard area, which houses a large outdoor pool cabana and patio deck.

The indoor areas use open space concept to connect the rooms. On ground floor the central area steps down and opens into the exterior to create a lounge area. Ground floor also contains a large two-car garage, a mud-room with closets and pantry, and a home office separate from living areas. The second storey has three bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms, laundry room and a master bedroom arranged around an open to below area and a bridge with clear glass guardrails. Two of the bedrooms include walk-out balconies.

43 Ogden Cres. – Renderings

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