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This house features clean contemporary design elements as seen on the exterior through to the interior. Details such as a large veneer stone feature wall running from the exterior inside to a double-height atrium space, Aluminum composite panels on the exterior, full-height glazing, & strong roof lines make this beautifully built single-family dwelling pop. Interior wood board & veneer details contrast with neutral grey & white tones to create a polished contemporary environment. A noticeable attention to detail can be found in all rooms from the master ensuites white & gold hexagonal tiles to the 3D veneer panels used in the window wells ultimately enhancing the look & experiences of all spaces.

Included is an open concept layout on the ground floor with a feature wall partition hosting a double sided fireplace to provide a division between living and dining spaces while simultaneously connecting the two.  A double-height atrium space at the entrance is connected to a lounge area complete with a gas fireplace on the second floor. The second floor also features three sizable bedroom suites complete with both ensuites & walk-in closets & a master bedroom with a 5-piece ensuite connected to the bedroom through a corridor style walk-in closet.

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