• 1464 Orchard Haven Ridge - Image 1
  • 1464 Orchard Haven Ridge - Image 2
  • 1464 Orchard Haven Ridge - Image 3
  • 1464 Orchard Haven Ridge - Image 4

1464 Orchard Haven Ridge Renderings

This new-built contemporary home will feature modern slate of materials such as brick, wood cladding and dark coloured stucco. The arrangement of the interior rooms are presented through the extended building blocks and canopies on the exterior. Large corner windows define the façade and bring in more light to the rooms. The entrance of the house is defined through the large canopy encompassing over large curtain wall which also directs more light into the foyer, stairway and the hallways. The interior planning features a playful mix of open space living areas and separated service areas.

Few renderings of the proposed design were done at different viewing angles to showcase the extrusions of the façade, the material interactions and the interplay of light and shadows generated by the protruding canopies.

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